HP NonStop communication products provide reliable and scalable connectivity based on widely accepted industry standard. The products include LAN and WAN products, and communications subsystems, as well as the next-generation I/O infrastructure for HP Integrity NonStop platforms that run the J-series NonStop OS.

HP NonStop network I/O adapter, IP CLIM

Today’s business technology relies on high-speed Ethernet connectivity, especially for business-critical applications. The IP CLIM can accommodate up to five Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) links. The IP CLIM can coexist with or replace the existing Input/Output Adapter Module Enclosure (IOAME) Ethernet capability in systems where it is used.

HP NonStop network I/O adapter, Telco CLIM

Telecommunication applications today utilize a variety of special protocols to manage and control the massive switching network that makes land-based and wireless phone systems work. The Telco CLIM provides support for MTP level-3 User Adaptation Layer (M3UA) protocol, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), and Diameter protocol. In addition, versions of the Telco CLIM are available to meet telecommunication marketplace requirements.

HP NonStop G16SE

The HP NonStop G16SE enclosure is a high-bandwidth 16-port Ethernet ServerNet enclosure for the HP Integrity NonStop BladeSystem NB54000c and the HP Integrity NonStop BladeSystem NB56000c. The NonStop G16SE enclosure is a follow-on product to the combination of the Input Output Adapter Modular Enclosure (IOAME) and the Gigabit 4-port ServerNet Adapter (G4SA). The ports on the G16SE can be paired such that a failure of a port does not result in any outage or reconnection and does not require manual intervention. Each Ethernet port is dual-ported to both the X and Y ServerNet fabrics. This ensures that there is no outage due to a ServerNet fabric failure.