HP NonStop storage products let you take advantage of a variety of devices for cost-effective high-performance, high-volume storage and backup and also provide innovative storage management software.

HP NonStop storage I/O adapter, Storage CLIM

The Storage CLIM (Cluster I/O Module), along with the IP CLIM and the Telco CLIM, are part of the next-generation I/O infrastructure for HP Integrity NonStop platforms that run the HP Integrity NonStop J-Series.

The Storage CLIM is at the heart of the HP NonStop storage subsystem for targeted NonStop platforms. Standard serial attached SCSI (SAS) provides the technology and interconnect for internal NonStop storage subsystems. The Storage CLIM also supports Fibre Channel interconnect for external HP Enterprise storage and HP SAN connectivity. And, the Storage CLIM supports tape storage (Fibre Channel tape devices, Virtual Tape servers, and SAS tape devices).

The Storage CLIM can co-exist with or replace the existing I/O Adapter Module Enclosure (IOAME) storage capability for systems that use IOAME. The Storage CLIM does not support Fibre Channel Disk Module (FCDM) disk enclosures.

The Storage CLIM supports encryption of drives via the Volume Level Encryption (VLE) software option. All storage devices connected through the Storage CLIM can make use of VLE including HDDs, SSDs, and SAN disk array LUNs. The new generation of Storage CLIMs implements a new feature known as disk partitioning. This is where a physical drive can be divided into multiple logical volumes (partitions). It is important to note that to ensure fault tolerance, drives with partitioning should be mirrored the same as drives without partitioning.

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