Today's school networking requirements are more complex than ever. Tech-savvy users demand the fastest and latest technologies, while new attacks continue to threaten networks. School departments must balance these needs with decreasing budgets. HP networking products help schools achieve these goals with an extensive portfolio of interoperable, standards-based solutions that deliver state-of-the-art collaboration and secure information sharing. Our robust, reliable and scalable solutions provide unmatched value, lower total cost of ownership and reduce administrative burdens to enable staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

Unified management

A powerful, single point of management for your mission-critical, converged network, HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) delivers integrated and modular network management capabilities for advanced, heterogeneous enterprise networks.

Multilayer Security

HP delivers comprehensive security from firewall, VPNs at the perimeter to interior protection with threat management, access control, wired and wireless IPS

Intelligent Resilient Framework

The HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) technology enables flatter network designs and easier-to-manage infrastructure. Higher education institutions can create a virtual switching fabric that delivers geographic independence, distributed high availability, resiliency, and millisecond reconvergence across Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols. With IRF-based solutions, IT teams can pool switching resources to create a lower cost, stable, fault-tolerant environment that is simpler to provision and maintain.

Converged Infrastructure

With HP networking solutions as a cornerstone, the HP Converged Infrastructure delivers an architectural blueprint that integrates servers, storage, and networking, eliminating technology silos and freeing up resources to focus more on business innovation.

Mission-Critical Access

The modern application- and service-ready HP FlexFabric networking architecture - a key element of the HP Converged Infrastructure that connects data center server and storage resources - can quickly adapt to changing business requirements, dynamically scaling capacity and provisioning connections to meet application demands “on the fly.”