Hospitality companies need an agile unified wired and wireless infrastructure that will help them create an immersive customer experience and differentiate their business.

MSM317 Access Point

The HP MSM317 Access Device is a managed device that integrates wired and wireless connectivity. The device's foot print is similar to an electrical outlet which can be installed quickly and discretely.

MSM-802.11n Access Points

MSM-802.11n Access Points bring intelligence to the network edge, providing scalable, seamless, secure, wireless access anywhere, anytime either autonomously or centrally controlled by MSM controllers.

Mission-Critical Access

The modern application- and service-ready HP FlexFabric networking architecture - a key element of the HP Converged Infrastructure that connects data center server and storage resources - can quickly adapt to changing business requirements, dynamically scaling capacity and provisioning connections to meet application demands "on the fly."

Multilayer Security

HP delivers comprehensive security from firewall, VPNs at the perimeter to interior protection with threat management, access control, wired and wireless IPS

Intelligent Resilient Framework

The HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) technology enables flatter network designs and easier-to-manage infrastructure. Hospitality corporations can create a virtual switching fabric that delivers geographic independence, distributed high availability, resiliency, and millisecond reconvergence across Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols. With IRF-based solutions, IT teams can pool switching resources to create a lower cost, stable, fault-tolerant environment that is simpler to provision and maintain.

Unified Management

A powerful, single point of management for your mission-critical, converged network, HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) delivers integrated and modular network management capabilities for advanced, heterogeneous enterprise networks.