HP Networking Mobility Solutions for Hospitality


Providing your guests with wireless services is no longer an option but a necessity to survive in an increasingly competitive industry. On the other hand, a bad experience can adversely impact your repeat occupancy rate

HP networking converged wired and wireless solution provides you with secure rich media anytime, anywhere access to applications and services such as inventory management, wireless ordering, and reservation while at the same time keeping your costs in check. Designed to handle your most bandwidth-intensive applications such as multi-media and video, HP wireless solutions simplify your network management and provide you with high quality choices to meet all of your mobility needs.

Enhance your Guest Experience

  • HP three spatial stream 802.11n indoor and outdoor access points bring near Gigabit throughput providing your staff and guests with a wire-like end user experience indoors and outdoors around the courtyard, the pool or the golf course.
  • This offers you faster access to applications, allowing you to deliver new levels of guest services, while features such as beam forming and band steering enhance your network reliability, coverage and client performance.
  • An optimized architecture that supports concurrent centralized and distributed traffic handling, offers you maximum application flexibility and allows you to tailor Quality of Service (QoS) so that your guest applications receive top priority.
  • In addition, HP Identity Driven Manager (IDM), provides you a simple and efficient way to enforce network access and policy control to support BYOD initiatives for your guest.

Improve your Staff Productivity

  • HP Identity based networking, and ultra speed handoff is uniquely fine-tuned for uninterrupted voice and mobility services. This lets your staff collaborate more effectively and roam indoors and outdoors, with a single login and without dropped sessions.
  • A single pane−of−glass network management tool simplifies the provisioning and maintenance of your converged wired and wireless infrastructure, while open standards eases integration with Wi-Fi-based hospitality solutions such as IP surveillance, property management and point-of-sale (POS) technologies.

Meet Regulatory Compliance and Guest Privacy

  • HP wireless solution ensures your guest data is secure and meets security and safety regulations including secure network access, audit trail, non-repudiation and reporting.
  • Robust WLAN encryption and authentication grant per-user network authorization privileges and keep your guest information private as it travels over the airwaves. RF manager wireless intrusion detection and prevention guards your network from unauthorized access from rogue access points and hacker attacks.

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