The value of certification

HP networking solutions are built to deliver predictable performance, high availability, and security, using products and technologies that offer scalability, cutting-edge features, energy efficiency, and reduced complexity.

The HP ExpertOne program offers a full range of networking curricula, from beginning-level courses all the way up to Master engineer classes. You'll also find fast-track programs that let you leverage your current industry certifications from Cisco and other companies, building on the investment you've already made in networking education.

As a participant in the HP ExpertOne networking training and certification program, you'll gain:

  • Access to robust courseware
  • Rapid professional cross-certification
  • Proven practices for networking interoperability
  • Differentiation in the job market


Technical Career Certifications

These are job role centric certifications that are optimized to provide IT Professionals with the cutting edge skills necessary to create multi-vendor IT solutions with maximum business value. HP certifications provide technology related skills in a business context: An HP certified individual can transcend both business and technology arenas and has proven their ability to leverage technology for maximum business advantage.

HP certified technical professionals possess a depth of skills in design, implementation and support of high value solutions in a particular technology domain. In addition, they have enough technology breadth and business acumen to ensure they can successfully create or provide support for solutions within a larger technical and business context


ATP (Accredited Technical Professional)

The ATP is able to design an HP Networking customer solution based on intermediate switching and basic routing environments.

ATP has one certification path:

ASE (Accredited Solutions Expert)

An HP ASE networking certification signifies that the individual is fully able to design and implement an HP open-standards based network solution.

ASE has three certification paths:

Master ASE (Accredited Solutions Expert)

Attaining Master ASE certification signifies your master-level ability to perform consultative planning, architecting, and leading the deployment of HP Networking solutions for enterprise environments. A symbol of excellence, Master ASE certification can be attained in the following two discipline areas.

Master ASE has two certification paths:

Sales Certifications

Sales certifications are restricted to partners. They are often a requirement for HP channel partners and are also an excellent way to validate your knowledge of the HP networking solution portfolio. Two certification levels indicate the relative capabilities of the sales team member. The sales certifications are cumulative - that is, you first achieve Sales Certified and then Advanced Sales Certified.


HP Sales Certified

The HP Sales Certified certification designates an individual who is knowledgeable about networking concepts and can describe the features, functions and positioning of the products in the HP Networking portfolio. The certification is focused at the foundational level to develop strong competence in product, technology, and selling skills. Skills include identifying target markets and customers, understanding and positioning features that address customer pain points and deliver business benefits. Competency will be established for recognizing cross- and up-sell opportunities in Converged Infrastructure. These certifications are restricted to HP Employees and Partners.

HP Sales Certified has the following certification path:

HP Advanced Sales Certified

The HP Advanced Sales Certified enables the sales professional to apply consultative selling skills focused on solutions and strategies that will position him or her as the trusted advisor to the Enterprise customer. Achievement of this certification will demonstrate command of HP's FlexNetwork Architecture, ability to retire quota using the primary benefits of the FlexNetwork Architecture and to present at C-Level a compelling business case for investment in HP Networking solutions.

HP Advanced Sales Certified has the following certification path:

Partner Restricted Certifications

Partner restricted certifications provide sales and technical IT Professionals with the knowledge of HP products and solutions to sell and support them effectively. If you are looking to become an HP authorized partner or self maintainer this is the place to start. Partner certifications come in 3 flavors: Sales, Technical Presales, and Hardware Support.

For sales certifications see Sales Certification

Technical IT partner certifications are listed below


APS (Accredited Platform Specialist)

An APS (Accredited Platform Specialist) can also verify that a device is operating "as shipped from the factory". Since APS technicians work on one device and one technical issue at a time under the direction of a higher skilled individual (who, for example, creates configurations and does troubleshooting), APS certificate holders should recognize the limits of their certificate's scope and know when to use appropriate escalation procedures.

APS has one certification path:

APS - Networking

APP (Accredited Presales Professional)

The APP and Technical Qualifications are credentials that HP Resellers may need to attain in order to meet specific contractual requirements. These credentials are not designed or intended to be used for career advancement.

APP has one certification path:

APP - Enterprise Networking