Reputation Digital Vaccine® Service

The TippingPoint Reputation Digital Vaccine Service (Rep DV) provides IPv4, IPv6 and Domain Name System (DNS) security intelligence feeds from a global reputation database so customers can actively enforce and manage reputation security policies using the TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Platform. The TippingPoint IPS Platform acts as an enforcement point, inspecting traffic in real-time and enforcing Rep DV security policies.

The Rep DV service allows organizations to identify and block "known bad" traffic at the network perimeter.

  • Block downloads and the spread of Botnets Trojans
  • Block downloads of malware, spyware, and worms
  • Block Spam from known spamming sites
  • Block phishing emails from known phishing sites
  • Block access to known botnet command and control sites
  • Block access to known phishing sites
  • Block DDoS and Web application attacks from known botnet compromised hosts
  • Create security policies based on Reputation Scores
  • Restrict or alert on inbound network connections based on country of origin
  • Restrict or alert on outbound network connections based on country of destination

These protections are possible because of TippingPoint's extremely accurate and diverse reputation database that is the only Rep DV service that includes "Recommended Settings," for each entry. TippingPoint's DVLabs collects real-time attack events with detailed attack data from TippingPoint's large worldwide network of Lighthouse sensors; TippingPoint's customer IPS devices and third party and open source partners. TippingPoint's real-time attack data includes more than 12 million daily attack events. In addition, customers can upload and merge their own reputation lists. This allows companies to create a single reputation security policy using both TippingPoint and customer supplied reputation lists.

The Rep DV service increases the ROI customers get from an investment in TippingPoint IPS solutions.

Reputation Diagram

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