The HP NonStop Operating System (OS) provides the fault-tolerant software foundation for HP Integrity NonStop servers. The NonStop OS delivers fault tolerance through multiple levels of error detection, fault isolation, and workload takeover capabilities for application and database survivability on both a local and global scale. As a result, HP NonStop servers can detect, isolate, and recover from hardware and software failures without affecting critical applications and their users.

The proven reliability and virtually unlimited scalability of HP NonStop are enabled by the HP NonStop OS, which combines the scalability of shared-nothing, massively-parallel processing with industry-leading application availability, uncompromising data integrity, and support for industry-standard application programming interfaces (APIs) and services. Tight integration between the HP NonStop OS and the HP NonStop SQL database enables absolute control over concurrent mixed-workload environments.

H06 (for single-core systems) and J06 (for multi-core systems) Release Version Updates (RVUs) are currently in distribution.