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HP Networking understands that the certification process is critical to ensuring that government customers get the equipment they need and that the equipment performs as advertised, and that it is compatible with existing infrastructure. To that end, HP Networking has an ongoing commitment to the product certification and evaluation program, ensuring that certification is integral to our product development process. HP Networking will continue to work with standards bodies to help accelerate certification and evaluation processes. Access the list of the certification programs and associated certified products.

There has been a lot of press about government modernization lately. The systems and processes that keep governments running are outdated and inefficient. Meanwhile, citizens and government employees are demanding new services—from public school employees who want to take advantage of the advancements in digital technology to citizens who want online access to government records to public safety employees who are asking that emergency notification systems be equipped with mobile access to text, data, images, and video. Such chaos can make it difficult for IT teams to support productivity-enhancing technologies such as voice and video over IP and Web 2.0 to improve public safety, communication among agencies and citizen satisfaction. Governments face many challenges in their adoption of technology:

  • Offer web-based network access for automated self-service
  • Support real-time, resource-intensive, and collaborative applications
  • Ensure public safety

A high-performance network is critical to enabling media-rich collaboration and real-time access that improve public safety and citizen and employee satisfaction.

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Case Studies

IDC TCO analysts: LA Public Library

Los Angeles Public Library selected HP FlexCampus solutions to support the launch of new public library initiatives. In a recent ROI analysis by IDC, the independent analyst firm found that HP FlexCampus saved LAPL $3.7M for a 5-year period. Download the IDC ExpertROI® Spotlight to learn more.

Dauphin County 376 KB

HP Networking helps expand and upgrade County infrastructure to deliver reliable enterprise-class IT services.

White Papers

Government Mobility White Paper 2.74 MB

Single-pane management makes administering your agency's wired and wireless network easy and affordable. Download our white paper, State, local, and provincial governments target next-generation mobility to learn more.

Solution Briefs

Federal Government Solution Brief 1.84 MB

Meeting federal mandates for operational efficiency, transparency, and security with best-in-class HP Networking Solutions.

Government Solution Brief 2.66 MB

Secure, easy-to-own networks for state, local and provincial governments.

State, provincial and local governments are encountering severe budget constraints and decreased funding coupled with increasing citizen needs and demands. Government modernization is essential if costs are to be contained. At the same time, governments must be poised to take advantage of the technologies and services that can streamline processes, promote inter-agency and private-public collaboration, and meet citizen requirements.

HP enterprise brand of network products help organizations achieve these goals with an extensive portfolio of interoperable, standards-based solutions that deliver state-of-the-art communication and secure information sharing. Our robust, reliable and scalable solutions provide unmatched value, lower total cost of ownership and reduce administrative burdens to enable IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

Multilayer Security Unified management Mission-Critical Access Intelligent Resilient Framework Converged Infrastructure


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