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Get answers to frequently asked questions regarding the end of HP 9000 server sales and transitioning to HP Integrity servers.

What system trade-in options are available from HP?

HP Trade-Up Program

The HP Trade-Up Program gives customers financial incentives to trade-in an older server for a new HP Integrity server. Please contact your local HP representative for more information.

Multiple trade-in options are available to fit your specific needs.

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Where can I access transition information and guidance?

Visit the HP 9000 evolution web site for whitepapers, webcasts, next steps, customer success stories, service offerings to obtain assistance in my transition to HP Integrity.

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What are the HP Renew and Extended Life Programs?

HP Renew is a program that offers HP quality remanufactured HP 9000 Systems and HP Integrity systems, covered by the original HP warranty. HP Renew is HP's single source for discontinued HP products which are no longer manufactured as new. These are known as HP Extended Life Products.

Get more information on HP Renew

Get more information on HP Extended Life

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How do I know what HP Renew has in stock?

The HP Inventory Today web site has an up-to-date listing of HP Renew products available for order.

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What is the usual delivery time from HP Renew and how do I place an order?

HP Renew and Extended life products are integrated into standard HP processes, the answer is same as for new HP products.

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What is the price of HP Renew Equipment?

HP Renew products are offered with an excellent price/performance ratio. Enterprise server products start at least 30% below new.

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What type of warranty and support can I get with HP Renew Products?

Renew products are covered by the same HP warranty, services and support options as new HP products.

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Who can I contact for more information?

To find your local HP Renew Sales Representative, please visit one of the web sites below:

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How long will HP support HP 9000 systems?

HP's aim is to provide adequate time for customers to plan and execute successful transitions to the HP Integrity platform. HP will continue to provide you with a comprehensive portfolio of support services including mission critical support services through 2013 for currently shipping HP 9000 products. At HP's discretion, support may be further extended beyond this date.

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What about SW Support for HP-UX on HP 9000?

HP-UX 11i v1 and v2 will be fully supported through 2013 and HP-UX 11i V3 will be supported through 2017. At HP's discretion, support may be further extended beyond these dates.

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I am interested in migrating to other HP platforms, is HP offering any training to help me get there?

Yes, depending on the version of Operating System you are running, we offer training that can assist your transition. For example, the HP-UX 11i v2 Administration Class for experienced HP-UX administrators will help you move from HP-UX 11i v1 and HP-UX 11i v2 to HP Integrity HP-UX11i v3.

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What services does HP offer to help me transition to my future HP environment?

Find a complete range of services to help you plan, design, and implement the right solution to meet your business needs, as well as to assist with your transition.

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What is the process for modifying my existing service agreement if I migrate to another HP platform?

Service agreement modifications are handled locally to best meet customers' needs. Your local support representative will work with you to assist you with your service agreement modification to your new platform and service (if your requirements have changed) or to create a custom agreement in the timeframe you require. The intent is to make this process as smooth and trouble free as possible for you.

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What is HP's recommended version of HP-UX 11i on HP Integrity servers?

HP recommends HP-UX 11i v3. HP-UX 11i v3 not only delivers functionality that produces the best business outcomes, but also is the version that will run on future Integrity servers.

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Can a customer transfer HP-UX software licenses from HP 9000 servers to HP Integrity servers?

Software support agreements entitle customers to trade in software licenses for no additional cost, trading in software licensed on HP 9000 systems for 'like' software licenses on HP Integrity servers, using HP's cross-platform software license trade-in policy.

For example, a Tier 1 license can only be transferred to another Tier 1 system. Per-Processor Licenses are valid for all systems within an HP 9000 or HP Integrity server family.

Customers whose software is not covered under a support agreement will be eligible for a discount on new licenses.

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Where can I obtain information for OpenVMS?

Please refer to the OpenVMS FAQs page.

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