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Your Personalized IT and Support Dashboard

Insight Online provides the information you need to monitor the devices in your IT environment from anywhere, anytime at no additional cost.

Insight Online is a key component of the integrated management and support experience. Through the HP Support Center portal, Insight Online can automatically display devices remotely monitored by HP Insight Remote Support Software and lets you easily track service events and support cases, view device configurations, and proactively monitor your HP contracts and warranties as well as HP Proactive service credit balances.

HP Insight Remote Support and Insight Online are available at no additional cost as part of your HP warranty, CarePack, or contractual support agreement with HP.  There is a separate "My Customers" section in Insight Online for HP Authorized Partners to view your IT asset information.


Integrates your support and product information into one at-a-glance view for quick and efficient management of your IT environment. Use it to quickly assess device status and support status and to navigate to details for quick problem resolution.

Contract and Warranty

Pro-actively manage contracts & warranties. Track contract and warranty status by device and by contract, view support details and receive early notification of support expiration.


Displays the status of your individual devices and device groups. Device views can be customized for more efficient management. Navigate from individual devices and device groups to more detailed support and product configuration information.

Service Events

Provides online monitoring for devices using HP Insight Remote Support 7.0.5 and forward. View all key event information such as severity, problem description, date and time generated, event status and related support case ID, with easy navigation to more information.

Channel Partners

With authorization from customers, HP Authorized Channel Partners can remotely view their customer’s IT environment to provide service support and consultation.


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