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Data center networks are at a breaking point. HP FlexFabric offers a new architectural approach that provides simplified, scalable and automated connectivity for virtualized compute, storage and cloud. The HP FlexFabric solution is a unified data center Ethernet fabric delivering a software-defined data center network infrastructure.

HP FlexFabric delivers:

Simplification — reduce data center networking complexity by up to 75%

  • Unified management of virtual/physical and LAN/SAN networks
  • OS/feature consistency, no licensing complexity or hidden costs

Scalability — double the fabric scaling of existing data center solutions

  • Non-blocking reliable fabric for 100-10,000+ hosts
  • Spine and leaf fabric optimized for Cloud and SDN

Automation —network provisioning in minutes verse weeks

  • Faster time to service delivery
  • Open, standards based programmability

Datacenter Oostkamp increases network reliability while optimising costs for its growing business

Datacenter Oostkamp increases network reliability while optimising costs for its growing business


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HP Software-Defined Networking Paves the Way for Customer Success in the Cloud

HP Networking FlexFabric awarded honors!

FlexFabric 7900 Switch Series New

FlexFabric 7900 Switch Series

HP FlexFabric 7900 Switch Series is the next generation compact modular data center core switch designed to support virtualized data centers and evolution needs of private and public clouds deployments.

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HP FlexFabric 5700 Switch Series New

FlexFabric 11900 Switch Series

The HP Flex Fabric 5700 Switch Series is a family of cost-effective, high-density, ultra-low-latency, Light Layer-3, top-of-rack (ToR) switches, ideally suited for deployment at the server access layer in large enterprise data centers.

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FlexFabric innovations that power the data center network

HP FlexFabric harnesses various technologies and standards to enable data center networks with the agility needed for business requirements of cloud, virtualization and big data.

Intelligent Resilient Fabric

Overcome the limitations of legacy spanning tree designs by providing rapid re-convergence for delay-sensitive, mission-critical applications and dramatically improving network utilization and performance in the network core.

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Software-defined Networking

The HP Virtual Application Networks strategy embraces software defined networks to deliver on its three key principles; application characterization, network abstraction and automated orchestration.

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Data Center Interconnect (DCI)

As a part of Data Center Interconnect, HP Ethernet Virtual Interconnect (EVI) provides layer 2 VLAN extensions between geographically dispersed data centers to simplify VM mobility between data centers.

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HP Trusted Network Transformation

Maintain business continuity while transforming your data center network with an end-to-end approach the starts with the right strategy.

Recapture your potential PDF 898 KB HP Connectivity Transformation Experience Workshop customer brief PDF 419 KB

"The HP solution radically simplifies the network with a very flat topology, making it easier to manage and significantly lowering our IT costs."

Alexandre Goffard
Head of Information Security and IT Network, VOO

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Is it time for a new data center network?

Is it time for a new data center network? thumbnail

Andre Kindness from Forrester Research discusses the trends driving changes in the data center.

The Forrester WaveTM: Data Center Networking Hardware, Q1 2013

Cloud enable your data center

Learn why HP FlexFabric meets the requeriments of your next data center build out. With an end-to-end portfolio that meet performance, scalability, or availability demands, HP can help you IT organization build flatter, more efficient, and cost-effective data center networks.

Building a data center fabric whitepaper HP FlexFabric infographic – the future of data centerPDF 248 KB Powering the 21st century data center with HP next generation FlexFabric


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