HP Networking Solutions for Hospitality

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Today’s business and casual travelers are more tech-savvy than ever. They expect access to high-speed internet service wirelessly from their laptop computers, smartphones, and other devices—anywhere—from the hotel lobby, to restaurants, to meeting rooms, and to the pool area. Providing guests with wireless services is no longer an option but a necessity for you to survive in an increasingly competitive industry.

Improved Productivity

The hospitality industry is also looking for ways to improve employee productivity. HP networking products help you achieve these goals with an extensive portfolio of interoperable, standards-based solutions that deliver state-of-the-art communication and secure information sharing. Our robust, reliable and scalable solutions provide unmatched value, lower total cost of ownership and reduce administrative burdens to enable IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

Guest Privacy and Regulatory Compliance

While guests are demanding internet access, they also want to be certain that their data and communications are secure. Regulatory compliance must also be taken into consideration prompting your organization to find ways to balance employee and customer access while protecting data.
The HP FlexNetwork Architecture allows you to:

  • Offer open, accessible networks
  • Ensure privacy of customer data
  • Meet security requirements and safety regulations

Robust encryption and authentication grant per-user network authorization privileges and keep guest information private as it travels over the airwaves. Wireless intrusion detection and prevention guards the organization’s network from unauthorized access from rogue access points and hacker attacks. Most importantly, HP intrusion detection does not interfere with wireless (IDS/IPS) access so critical communication channels are available.

Operational Efficiency

You need a network infrastructure that will promote agility and boost productivity without sacrificing performance, raising costs or impacting security. The HP FlexNetwork architecture drives simplicity by segmenting network designs into functional building blocks and streamlines management; enhances agility with high performance, security, and accelerated provisioning; and saves money through a unique architecture and lower overall TCO.

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