HP NonStop SQL is the preferred database engine for mission-critical OLTP applications with very large databases, delivering the highest levels of availability, scalability, and performance. Designed for a clustered, massively-parallel system architecture built on industry-standard servers, NonStop SQL is tightly integrated with the shared-nothing HP Integrity NonStop platform and operating system. HP NonStop SQL is inherently easy to manage, and even though database access takes place on separate processors in the server, HP NonStop SQL is managed as a single database on a single system.

  • Continuous availability: The HP NonStop platform provides out-of-the-box database availability, and routine database administration tasks can be done online without bringing down the database.
  • Massive scalability: As the volume and velocity of data grows, you can add more computing power to the HP NonStop server cluster to get linear performance.
  • Application portability: HP NonStop SQL supports industry standards (ANSI SQL, JDBC, ODBC), as well as Oracle Syntax, to port database applications from other platforms with low risk and cost.
  • Automatic load balancing: HP NonStop SQL offers query and data virtualization capabilities, enabling an environment that pools and optimizes all resources at the application level.

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