HP FlexFabric delivering simplicity, scale and automation to the data center

HP FlexFabric delivering simplicity, scale and automation to the data center
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FlexFabric Vision & Strategy

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How HP FlexFabric and SDN work together

FlexFabric Virtual Switch 5900v

  • Create and manage standard networking policies per VM
  • Monitor, manage and secure the VM traffic
  • Route VM-VM traffic through the physical edge switches

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FlexFabric 5900

  • Deliver ultra-fast speeds in a diverse portfolio
  • Provide high reliability with full L2/L3 features
  • Deliver consistent management across IRF fabric for higher scalability

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FlexFabric 12900

  • Deliver unprecedented levels of performance and availability with high density
  • Simplify data center designs with converged network and storage
  • Drive down capital and operational expenses

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HSR 6800

  • Provide high performance service securely
  • Ensure high speed delivery of cloud services and applications
  • Offer simplicity, scalability, and reliability
  • Minimize impact with very fast convergence time

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FlexFabric 11900

  • Simplify data center complexity
  • Reduce footprint, power and cost
  • Provide energy efficiency and ultra-low latency
  • Deliver a unified network operating system

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FlexFabric 7900

  • Next Generation Compact Modular Data Center Core Switch
  • Delivers Unprecedented Levels of Performance at Lower Cost
  • With the HP FlexFabric 7900 Modular Core Switch you get large Layer 2 scaling with TRILL and HP IRF

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IMC VAN Resource Automation Manager

  • Simplify provisioning, monitoring and troubleshooting of applications
  • Optimize resource allocations for better utilization
  • Provide tailored policies for applications
  • Allow for definition and monitoring of SLAs

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  • Enable deployment and management of HP OpenFlow enabled switches
  • Visualize traffic flow and performance for HP SDN layers

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