The increasing reliance of business on IT and the rapid emergence of the always-available market demands are combining to change the thinking about business continuity. Smart businesses look for resiliency, not simply rapid recovery. Where acceptable downtime was once measured in hours or even days, today it is measured in seconds. In reality, for data-driven industries, there is no acceptable level of data loss. The potential impact of downtime or data loss is high, measured in terms of reduced productivity, lost revenue, lost customers, brand reputation, or legal liability.

HP NonStop Remote Database Facility (RDF) extends the legendary HP NonStop fault tolerance to disaster tolerance. By geographically dispersing HP NonStop systems, NonStop RDF software allows critical applications to survive a total site failure without specialized programming.

For customers looking for sophisticated replication and data integration solutions in heterogeneous environments comprising of HP NonStop, and HP-UX, Oracle Solaris, Linux distributions, Microsoft Windows, IBM AIX, etc. , HP Shadowbase solution offers active-active asynchronous replication and data integration.