Today’s enterprises need to demonstrate data confidentiality, integrity, and availability for their customers. HP is meeting this demand for sophisticated protection of resources and data by investing in new and enhanced products that provide the security capabilities your customers require. HP Integrity NonStop delivers end-to-end communications security, authentication, and auditing for system administration, file transfer, and applications connectivity.

On-platform security
HP NonStop platforms come with a security subsystem built into the environment that protects access to the system and data kept on the system. Add-on products are offered to extend basic system security—from managing user access to tracking every keystroke.

Data-in-motion security
HP NonStop systems include out-of-the-box SSH and SSL capabilities to ensure secure data-in-motion between the NonStop server and other servers or workstations.

Data-at-rest security
HP NonStop offers products to encrypt data being stored on NonStop server disks or on tape. These products are available on all NonStop systems that support Storage CLIMs.

Security compliance
HP now offers products specific to the NonStop platform to help customers verify security policies and meet compliance requirements—avoiding breaches, fines, customer loss, or public embarrassment.