Comware v7 is a network operating system that runs on HP high-end network devices. The HP Network Simulator is an ideal Comware v7 learning tool, which allows users to create, configure, and connect simulated networks.

Included with your HP Network Simulator installation software (Windows 7/8, Ubuntu) is the current HP Network Simulator user guide.

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  • Beginners – The HP Network Simulator tool is helpful for users who are new to networking and want to learn how to configure network devices (switches, routers), various topologies, or different routing and switching protocols and features.
  • Experienced users – The HP Network Simulator learning tool is helpful for users who have experience with non-HP networking devices and want to learn the Comware CLI and features.
  • Extra devices – Users can create devices using the HP Network Simulator and use them with their physical devices to configure and test topologies that aren’t configurable with just the physical devices they have. For example – A user wants to configure OSPF using 3 or more devices but has only 1 physical router. User can create 2 or more routers using the HP Network Simulator learning tool and connect the simulated devices with the physical device; and configure OSPF.
  • Certification Test Takers – The HP Network Simulator learning tool is also helpful for candidates who want to take HP Certification exams but don’t have access to physical HP devices to practice on.

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With the HP Network Simulator you can create:

  • Fixed form-factor and modular routers
  • Stackable and modular switches
  • LAN and WAN links


Simulations can be created to assist users with learning how to configure different network features, such as:

  • Device management, LAN and WAN protocols, routing, switching, security, device virtualization and more.


Simulated devices can be connected:

  • To one another on the same PC
  • To one another on different PCs
  • To a physical device


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  • 1Important Note: HP Network Simulator is a user learning tool not intended for use in production environments; it is not eligible for HP product service support. Please refer to the User Guide embedded with the software download for installation support instructions and usage guidance.