• Standards based IPsec tunnels, 93% fewer tunnel configuration commands needed.*
  • Carrier agnostic.
  • Auto re-establishment of tunnels in dynamic IP environment.
*When compared to manual IPsec tunnel configuration

Delivers zero touch configuration and tunnel level detailed visibility with single remote platform

BIMS - Branch Intelligent Management Software
  • Dynamic configuration management.
  • Zero touch configuration.
  • Secure management using CWMP.
IVM - IPsec VPN Manager (available July)
  • Granular visibility & DVPN domain management.
  • Plan and edit DVPN configuration with topology maps.
  • DVPN configuration, tunnel audit and traffic management.
  • Auto discovery to create DVPN domain.
  • Preset DVPN security templates help build DVPN domains quickly.
Hub routers
  • 6600 router series or MSR 50 with optional redundant configuration.
  • Supports multiple DVPN domains.
  • Supports up to 3000 tunnels per DVPN domain.
Spoke to Spoke Tunnel
  • DVPN supports hub to spoke, partial mesh and full mesh configurations.
  • Minimize backhauling traffic to hub sites for direct spoke to spoke communication.
Spoke router
  • 6600 Router series, MSR 50/30/20/20-1x/900 series routers can be spoke routers.
  • Scales from small branch to large branch traffic demands.
  • Dynamically establishes tunnels over IP network.
VAM server
  • Validates and authenticates spoke routers over secure connection.
  • Can be configured on Hub router for smaller implementations.
  • Supports up to 30,000 VAM clients with 6600 router series or MSR50
  • 6600 Router series, MSR 50/30/20/20-1x/900 series routers can be VAM servers