January 10, 2013

Oracle will continue porting software to HP Integrity servers

On September 4, Oracle issued a statement  indicating it will continue porting its software portfolio to Itanium. This announcement comes as a result of the U.S. court’s August 28, 2012 final statement of decision  on the first phase of HP’s trial against Oracle, in which the court confirmed the existence of a contract between HP and Oracle that requires Oracle to continue to port its software products to HP’s platforms, including Integrity.

HP is very pleased that Oracle will comply with the ruling, and HP hopes that Oracle's announcement will once again enable HP Integrity customers to make their IT plans knowing that they will be able to utilize the most up-to-date versions of Oracle's suite of software products for HP-UX, OpenVMS and NonStop.

While this is a very positive development, it is important that the trial proceed to the second phase to end the uncertainty that Oracle’s March 22, 2011 announcement  caused and to address Oracle’s breach of the contract and the damages and/or remedies HP is entitled to receive.

On September 10, the U.S. court held a conference with HP and Oracle in which the judge scheduled the second phase of the trial to begin on February 4, 2013. However, on December 14 2012, the court reset the start date to April 8, 2013, primarily to allow both HP and Oracle additional time to conduct discovery regarding the theories of their respective damage experts. The second phase of the trial will address whether, in fact, Oracle breached the contract and if so, what damages and/or remedies HP would be entitled to receive as a result.

We remain committed to our 140,000 customers who run Oracle software and to our long-term mission-critical server roadmap, including Integrity, HP-UX, OpenVMS, and NonStop, as well as our new investments in x86, Windows, and Linux. Similarly, Intel has repeatedly reinforced its ongoing commitment to the Itanium roadmap.

You can continue to access this site to stay current with trial summaries and HP exhibits. You can also access external websites to view the U.S. court filings  and the U.S. case calendar  . We will continue to share relevant information as it becomes available. Thank you for your continued support.


Ric Lewis
Vice President and Interim General Manager
HP Business Critical Systems

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