Creating a remarkable HPC supercomputer


Creating a remarkable HPC supercomputer

Tokyo Institute of Technology top Supercomputer utilizing HP SL390

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Raising the bar for HPC


Raising the bar for HPC

HP Apollo/NREL win R&D 100 Award with ‘water-cooled perfection’ for HPC

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Computing at the speed of innovation

Combine the power of an industry-leading, high-performance computing infrastructure with highly efficient systems and solutions to solve scientific, engineering and data analysis problems—regardless of scale—from mainstream to the grand challenges of our society. HP high performance computing solutions empower innovation at any scale, building on HP’s innovative purpose-built HPC systems and technologies.

HPC systems speed advancement

Speed advancements with a converged infrastructure, purpose-built for scale.

HP high performance computing solutions

Optimize your high performance computing footprint with the world’s most efficient systems.

Deploy and manage HPC easily with HP

Deploy and manage easily, adapt quickly to change & improve quality of service.

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HP Client Virtualization solutions

HP Moonshot for HPC

Tackle Internet-scale problems efficiently with high-density, low-energy, software defined servers that radically reduce energy use and footprint, while increasing performance. HP Moonshot System delivers optimum performance for specialized HPC workloads.

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HP Apollo Systems

HP Apollo Systems

Solve some of the world’s most challenging problems and push the boundaries of performance, all while improving efficiency to a new level. HP has reinvented high performance computing (HPC) to positively impact the performance to space and power equation.

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High Performance Computing

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GTC 2014 March 24-27 San Jose, CA
The world's biggest and most important GPU developer conference.
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HP Discover June 10-12 Las Vegas, NV
The must-attend conference of 2014 featuring hundreds of sessions focused on the hottest topics in the industry today.
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EAGE Conference June 16-19 Amsterdam
The largest multi-disciplinary geoscience and engineering oriented event of its kind in the world.
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HP-CAST June 20-21 Leipzig, Germany
HP-CAST works to increase the capabilities of HP solutions for large-scale, scientific and technical computing.
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ISC June 22-26 Leipzig, Germany
A recognized key global conference and exhibition for high performance computing, networking and storage.
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HPC products & services

Industry-leading high-performance, highly efficient, purpose-built systems and solutions power your innovations and enable faster solutions to your scientific, engineering and analytics challenges.

HPC Cluster solutions

HP Cluster Platforms

Combine the flexibility of a custom solution with the simplicity, reliability and value of a preconfigured, factory-built product using your choice of processors, cluster interconnects and middleware.

HP Cluster Software

Harness real HPC power with a comprehensive cluster software environment, tested and integrated on real-world solutions for a robust, easy-to-use supercomputing environment developed for scale and workload agility.

HPC Servers

HPC Systems

Innovative, industry-standard servers purpose-built for performance, scalability, density and energy efficiency to reduce your capital and operating expenses and maximize return-on-investment.

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HP delivers superior server choice that reliably supports any workload. Our focus on innovation allows HP Server customers to do more with less. We bring it all together through HP services, support and consulting and a broad network of partners, delivering a world-class server experience to your business.

HPC Storage

HPC Storage

From high-performance cluster file systems to Big Data analytics, HP and its partners provide a variety of flexible storage solutions with scalable performance, capacity and accessibility.

HPC Data Center Infrastructure

HP Performance Optimized Data center (POD)

Breakthrough, modular data centers help enterprises rapidly and efficiently expand capacity and meet increasing service level agreements without overwhelming capital expenditures.

Modular Cooling System

The HP Modular Cooling System is the water-cooled rack for high density deployments in the datacenter. HP MCS complements existing conventional data center cooling by adding high-density computing power without adding to the current heat load in the data center.

HPC Services and Support

HPC Services and Support

Skilled and experienced professionals provide a single point of accountability and deliver a comprehensive range of design, deploy and management services for any HPC environment through consulting, integration, outsourcing and support.

HPC solutions

HPC solutions make it easy for you to get faster results across more applications, in any industry, from cluster to cloud.

Manufacturing and Engineering

HP Engineering (CAE and EDA) solutions deliver optimal computational performance, unprecedented reliability, memory, storage and collaboration with experienced partners. We offer the industry's broadest choice of industry-standard products along with expertise to exceed compute, data, and visualization requirements—and achieve greater ROI.

Financial Services Industries

HP solutions support the most challenging analytics and trading environments in the industry. From risk management to high-frequency trading, HP delivers the performance, efficiency and agility to maximize with the ability as add or adapt services quickly as market conditions change.

Life and Materials Sciences

High performance technology and solutions speed access to new discoveries and treatments, increase research agility, lower costs and allow researchers to process, store and interpret petabytes of data. We provide the industry’s broadest spectrum of technology solutions, innovative products, knowledgeable service, and industry-leading expertise.

Energy/Oil & Gas

HP HPC solutions for upstream Oil and Gas exploration and production enable the industry to meet the increasing global demand for petroleum products. New HP innovations, collaborations and efficiencies help maintain growth and gain competitive advantage.

Academia/Scientific Research

HP HPC systems power the leading research institutions in government, academia and industry, and enable simulation and analytical solutions to some of most vexing problems in areas such as nanotechnology, climate change, renewable energy, neuroscience, bioinformatics, computational biology and astrophysics.

Spotlight on innovation

HP-Labs Exascale research

HPC meets the insatiable demand for more performance, which requires constant innovation for the development of new solutions to meet that growing, insatiable demand. HP and its technology partners lead the industry with innovative technologies that support increasing levels of HPC performance, as well as increasing affordability and ease-of-use, making them available to an expanding HPC market and driving innovation and economic development.

Data center technologies

You will find in this upcoming technology that HP is working with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to bring data center efficiency into the next generation with warm-water cooled systems. This technology is completely redefining what it means to be economical.

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HPC technologies

Explore a performance-based portfolio of solutions, customizable to your needs regardless of scale. These solutions are purpose-built technologies created to accelerate innovation.

High performance computing gives data centers the ability to dynamically restructure to meet changing needs along with greater flexibility and functionality than ever before.

POD (Container-based Data centers)

PODs are cost conscious and easy to install. Data centers don’t have to build or buy new raised floor space to house their infrastructure, and highly energy efficient HP PODs lower operational costs. Acquisition costs are low because HP builds the PODs at our main assembly facility and then delivers it to you, fully tested and ready to go.


HP and NREL built the first HPC data center dedicated solely to advancing energy systems integration, renewable energy research, and energy efficiency technologies.


Raising the bar for HPC


Creating a remarkable HPC supercomputer