HP Integrity NonStop systems are well-known for extreme scaling, easily handling bursts of transaction processing, end-of-quarter application loads, business changes such as mergers and acquisitions that require expansion in capacity, or adding a large number of customers in a short period of time.

HP NonStop BladeCluster Solution (NBCS)

  • A combination of clustering hardware and associated software that represents a major leap in the traditional HP NonStop clustering capability
  • Makes it easy to cluster multiple HP NonStop systems (nodes) together in a tight interconnection using HP NonStop ServerNet III technology
  • Enables local clusters (zones) up to eight nodes within a data center and up to 410 feet (125 meters) between nodes
  • Provides for clustering up to three zones together—for a total of 24 nodes closely and efficiently linked in one cluster. The inter-zone distance can be up to 40 miles (65 kilometers).
  • Each node can have up to 16 HP NonStop CPUs, enabling a single cluster to have up to 384 NonStop CPUs
  • Based on HP ServerNet III technology, operates at up to 16 times the aggregate throughput rate of the prior cluster switches

HP NonStop BladeSystem servers support Expand-over IP clustering, using high-speed Ethernet links. In this configuration there is a maximum of 255 nodes, or the equivalent of 4,080 HP NonStop CPUs, that can be clustered.

The HP Integrity NonStop rack servers can also join the Expand-over IP cluster, using high-speed Ethernet links. In this case, they can be part of the 255 node cluster.