Get the latest HP iLO 4 firmware
HP Integrated
Lights-Out 4

Get the latest version
of iLO 4 firmware

HP iLO licenses
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HP iLO licenses can help you remotely manage your servers

HP iLO - The preferred IT administrator in every ProLiant server

When reliability is essential for your system health, HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) provides the automated intelligence to maintain complete control.

HP iLO functions out-of-the-box without additional software installation and regardless of the servers' state of operation. Get complete access from any location via a web browser and work seamlessly with HP Systems Management. HP iLO helps you unleash the value of the HP ProLiant platform and deliver the highest possible quality of IT service to your business.

  • Simplify server setup
  • Engage health monitoring
  • Maintain power and thermal control
  • Promote remote administration

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HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO)

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Get the latest HP iLO 4 firmware
HP Integrated
Lights-Out 4

Get the latest version
of iLO 4 firmware

HP iLO licenses
Make your server
serve you

HP iLO licenses can help you remotely manage your servers

HP ProActive Insight Architecture solutions

iLO Management Engine

A suite of embedded management technologies that supports the complete lifecycle of all HP ProLiant Gen8 servers, from initial deployment to ongoing management and service alerting. The iLO Management Engine is a key component of end-to-end HP Insight Management server management portfolio, along with HP Insight Control and HP Insight Online. Together they provide the most comprehensive set of server management capabilities in the industry. The iLO Management Engine portfolio contains:

Intelligent Provisioning
Intelligent Provisioning

Accelerate productivity with out-of-the-box tools that set-up and deploy a server in minutes, not hours. Embedding Intelligent Provisioning inside all HP ProLiant Gen8 servers and server blades on a pre-loaded flash chip, instead of on separate software, means the server is bootable when you press the F10 key during server boot.

Learn more about Intelligent Provisioning

Intelligent Provisioning downloads

Agentless Management
Agentless Management

Agentless Management allows you to monitor core hardware and related alerts without installation of agents or providers on the host operating system.

Use this paper as an initial guide if you are considering Agentless Management. You will find information addressing:

  • The benefits of Agentless Management and when it's the best choice for you
  • The ease of setup and maintenance with HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) and HP Intelligent Provisioning
  • How to implement the service with HP iLO 4 and HP Systems Insight Manager

Agentless Management white paper PDF 217 KB

Active Health
Active Health

This essential component of HP iLO provides customers with diagnostic tools and scanners all wrapped up into one:

  • Always on, continuous monitoring for increased stability and shorter downtimes
  • Rich configuration history
  • Health and service alerts
  • Easy export and upload to service and support

Learn more about Active Health

Embedded remote support

HP offers embedded remote support that allows a customer to enable remote support directly from iLO (also OA and IP) without installing OS agents on the device, greatly reducing the time to activate remote monitoring. Through Insight Remote Support 7.0.5 and later versions, customers now benefit from 24x7 remote monitoring, auto-generated service events, support cases and anywhere, anytime monitoring with HP Insight Online, a personalized cloud-based IT dashboard.

Learn more about Insight Remote Support

Smart Update

Smart Update

Update one or more systems and the devices within those systems at a single time. This versatile and flexible tool manages enclosure, platform and I/O card firmware on HP servers to help reduce downtime due to firmware upgrades, and automates the process of upgrading firmware to reduce complexity and keep servers up and running.

Learn more about HP Smart Update

Get the latest HP iLO 4 firmware
HP Integrated
Lights-Out 4

Get the latest version
of iLO 4 firmware

HP iLO licenses
Make your server
serve you

HP iLO licenses can help you remotely manage your servers

HP Integrated Lights-Out license types

Licensing provides additional HP iLO functionality, such as graphical remote console, multi-user collaboration, and video record/playback along with many more advanced features. There are multiple levels of licensing depending on your business needs.

  • HP iLO Advanced license:
    For enterprise business - Smart remote server management without compromise. HP iLO Advanced or HP iLO Advanced for BladeSystem license gives you premium remote functionality such as graphical remote console with multi-user collaboration, video record/playback, and many more advanced features to support your enterprise data center. Available on all HP ProLiant servers.
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  • HP iLO Essentials license:
    For small and medium business - The key to unlocking remote management for your small and medium business server. HP iLO Essentials, a license offering for remote server management, uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of SMB customers, offering more value for your investment and allowing you to grow your businesses with confidence. Available exclusively on all HP ProLiant Gen8 e-series servers and HP MicroServer.
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    HP iLO Essentials Brief
  • HP iLO Scale-Out license:
    For web hosting & service providers - Hassle-free intelligent management. Provides advanced power management, fast access through scripting tools and lowering operational cost, in massive scale out environments, for maximum data center efficiency. Available on the HP ProLiant Gen8 DL 160 and all HP ProLiant Gen8 SL and BL servers.
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    HP iLO Scale Out Brief

To learn more about the features that are specific to the version of iLO you are using on your HP ProLiant Server, please check the:

HP iLO family datasheet comparison tablePDF 177 KB

What type of iLO license should I buy?

Single License Server

The single license server provides one entitlement which is redeemed for a single key for installation.

Single licenses are delivered physically or electronically. In case of physical delivery, the entitlement certificate is shipped to you as a physical deliverable. In case of electronic delivery, the entitlement certificate is emailed to you.

The single license pack is appropriate for customers who:

  • Need iLO licenses whenever individual ProLiant servers are purchased
  • Purchase a few ProLiant servers at a time
  • Own a few existing ProLiant servers for which the software is needed
  • Can only accept separate license entitlement certificates based on their current business operations and IT administration workloads
Electronic License Delivery

HP offers electronic license-to-use (E-LTU) options for software products through most points of sale. At the time you place your order with HP, you must provide an e-mail address to which an electronic receipt is sent by HP. Within the receipt is a link where you access your license entitlement and complete the redemption process for your license activation keys for the number of licenses you ordered.

Electronic license delivery is appropriate for customers who:

  • Need very fast order fulfillment
  • Prefer no physical packaging materials to dispose of
  • Prefer to manage their software assets in digital form
  • Otherwise qualify for the flexible quantity kit criteria below
Flexible Quantity License

Flexible Quantity Licenses (FQLs) let you order multiple target licenses. A single software entitlement is shipped to you, redeemed for a single key that activates licensed features on multiple iLO targets - the same number of iLO targets from the order. For example, if an order is placed for a quantity of 10 iLO Advanced flexible quantity licenses, a single entitlement is shipped providing a license key that enables the use of iLO Advanced on 10 target servers.

The flexible quantity license is appropriate for customers who:

  • Are unable to take advantage of electronic license delivery
  • Need to do a one-time purchase of iLO Licenses for their current ProLiant installed base
  • Purchase quantities of new ProLiant servers and need an equivalent number of software licenses to match the amount of servers purchased
  • Want to curtail the number of license activation keys in use
  • Want to minimize physical deliverables: need a single license key per quantity of licenses purchased at any given time
Pay as you go Volume Licensing (AKA)

Hassle free volume-licensing program, based on Activation Key Agreement (AKA) with one master key across your entire installed base to eliminate maintenance of multiple keys, handled on a contract basis.

AKA is appropriate for customers who:

  • Plan a volume purchase of iLO over time, typically in conjunction with new ProLiant servers that are acquired on a regular basis
  • Desire simple software licensing: one key per product for all licenses subsequently purchased over time
  • Want the least amount of physical deliverables: there are no deliverables associated with the tracking licenses
  • Want to add iLO licenses as a line item to standard ProLiant configurations purchased regularly from HP or HP partners or wanting to add iLO to existing ProLiant sales contracts wth HP.
Get the latest HP iLO 4 firmware
HP Integrated
Lights-Out 4

Get the latest version
of iLO 4 firmware

HP iLO licenses
Make your server
serve you

HP iLO licenses can help you remotely manage your servers

Getting started

Supported servers

  • HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers
  • HP ProLiant G7 Servers

Supported mobile operating systems

  • Android 2.2 or greater
  • iOS 4.3 or greater


  • Operate the server power switch
  • Use the Remote Console to interact with the operating system, including BIOS and ROM configuration changes
  • Mount an ISO CD/DVD image. The disk image is available on the server as a USB CD/DVD drive. You can boot from the disk image and deploy an operating system
  • Launch HP iLO scripts and monitor their progress
  • Access the iLO web interface
  • Store the list of servers you want to manage

Quick tips

  • Show/Hide menu bar - Tap once with two fingers to show or hide the menu bar in the Remote Console
  • Show/Hide iLO web interface - Tap the server health icon in the Remote Console to show or hide the iLO web interface
  • Ctrl/Alt/Del Command - Tap Ctrl+Alt+backspace to enter the Ctrl+Alt+Del command

User guides

HP Integrated Lights-Out resources

HP Intelligent Provisioning recovery media


Scripting Toolkit for Windows and Linux


Listed below, you will find a collection of short videos on the latest embedded management innovation: HP iLO, Intelligent Provisioning, System ROM and ProActive Insight Architecture.

These videos will enable you to quickly learn how to use the features of HP iLO, Intelligent Provisioning, System ROM and ProActive Insight Architecture.


Overview and benefits of iLO

iLO University

iLO University are technical how-to videos that explain how to use the iLO 4 firmware. Check out any of the following videos to help you manage your iLO 4 firmware.

Introduction to HP iLO University Series


Introduction to HP iLO University Series


iLO Management Engine Overview