HP Moonshot Component Pack is a comprehensive firmware solution tested on the HP Moonshot System and delivered as a compressed file. The compressed file includes all the component files needed to update a Moonshot System. Firmware updates contained in the Moonshot Component Pack are deployed via the iLO Chassis Manager CLI or HP Moonshot-45G/180G Switch Module CLI. Flashing the firmware components consists of delivering and executing updated files in the HP Moonshot iLO Chassis Management Firmware, which distributes the flash file. More information is available at www.hp.com/go/servers/moonshot.

Release Summary:


New support for the following HP Server Cartridges and Switch:

  • HP ProLiant m700 Server Cartridge
  • HP ProLiant m300 Server Cartridge
  • HP Moonshot-180G Switch Module 
Added new operating system support: 
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 - All Editions
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise (x64)
  • Ubuntu 13.10 
iLO Chassis Management Firmware v1.11:
  • The iLO Chassis Manager is now accessible from a single IP address that fully manages all zones and switches. Previously, there were four IP addresses, each providing access to a single zone or the switches. Access through the serial port also now provides direct access to all devices, and the zone commands have been removed. The CLI is the same regardless of the access method you use (SSH or serial port).
Cartridge Satellite Firmware v2013.10.18:
  • Updated to support the new features of iLO Chassis Manager Firmware v1.11
HP Moonshot 1500 Chassis Firmware v4.3:
  • Improved power measurement and power capping accuracy.
  • Added support for the HP 1500W Common Slot Platinum Plus Power Supplies.
  • Added support for additional modes of Power Capping (Modes 0,1,2 now supported) – Requires iLO CM Firmware Version 1.11 or greater to configure.
HP Moonshot-45G Switch Module Cartridge Data File v1029.13: 
  • Added warning message when updating abstraction file.
  • Added requirement for force parameter when updating abstraction file.
  • Added support for iLO Chassis Manager Firmware v1.11 
HP Moonshot 45-Port/180-Port Switch Module Firmware Image v2.0.0.13: 
  • Added the ability to update the switch firmware through the iLO Chassis Manager firmware CLI (not available when upgrading from or to; for future releases only).
  • Added support for additional cartridge types.
  • Added iLO Chassis Manager virtual serial port (VSP) support.
  • Enhanced the security of firmware delivery.
  • Added the switch CLI show CPLD versions command, to display the switch CPLD versions.
  • Added QSFP+ support (only for HP Moonshot-180G Switch Module)
HP Moonshot 1500 Chassis Firmware v4.3:
  • The chassis serial number and the product SKU would not update correctly in the SL Advanced Power Manager.
  • The chassis fans were incorrectly reported as missing while the fans were present.
  • The system had an infrequent reduction of performance for short durations causing spurious logs in the OS.
HP Moonshot-45G Switch Module Cartridge Data File v1029.13:
  • Switch reboots unexpectedly during a satellite controller reboot
HP Moonshot 45-Port/180-Port Switch Module Firmware Image v2.0.0.13:
  • UID did not blink when flashing the firmware.
  • The uplink module did not power off when the iLO Chassis Manager firmware CLI power off command was entered.
  • Switch rebooted unexpectedly during satellite controller reboot.
  • PHY errata caused link flap on uplink ports.
 System ROM for HP ProLiant Moonshot Cartridge (H01) v2013.11.15:
  • Updated firmware flash filename to match the product name for easy identification. 
For additional information see the HP Moonshot Component Pack Release Notes or the HP Moonshot Component Pack Update Guide.
Additional Support Documentation can be found at: HP Moonshot Series Library



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