HP Moonshot Component Pack is a comprehensive firmware solution tested on the HP Moonshot System and delivered as a compressed file. The compressed file includes all the component files needed to update a Moonshot System. Users deploy the firmware updates contained in the Moonshot Component Pack via the iLO Chassis Manager CLI or HP Moonshot-45G/180G Switch Module CLI. This can be accomplished using HP Smart Update Manager, which is included with the files, or manually. Download the latest pack from the HP website (www.hp.com/go/servers/moonshot).

Important Notes:

Please Note: The firmware file for the HP Moonshot 45-Port/180-Port Switch (Switch_FW_45G_180G_2.0.0.19.bin) and HP Moonshot-45XGc Switch Firmware Image (Switch_FW_45XGc_7.1.045, ESS 2407) are included outside of the firmware zip file, and will not be flashed during an HP SUM update.

For additional information see the HP Moonshot Component Pack Release Notes or the HP Moonshot Component Pack Update Guide.
Additional Support Documentation can be found at: HP Moonshot Series Library


Release Summary:

iLO Chassis Management Firmware v1.30:
  • Boot Once configuration was being preserved after a cartridge was removed and reinserted, but it was reported as N/A.  When the cartridge booted next it would boot to the Boot Once device that had been previously configured.
  • SET FACTORY DEFAULT did not properly initialize the default boot device setting.
  • SET NODE BOOT could modify the Boot Once configuration.
  • VSP sometimes drops characters when a large buffer is pasted into the input.
  • SHOW CHASSIS POWER STATUS inaccurately reflects status when a power supply is removed.
  • The IPv6 address of Switch Remote Management interfaces in SHOW CHASSIS INFO and SHOW SWITCH INFO is improperly formatted.
  • Security fix for SSRT101745.
Cartridge Satellite Firmware v2014.10.01:
  • An HP ProLiant server cartridge might not power on and the Moonshot 1500 CM module might not recognize it for up to 9 minutes after installation or when power is first applied to the Moonshot 1500 Chassis.
HP Moonshot 1500 Chassis Firmware v4.6:
  • Erroneous IML entries related to power supply failure or installation were recorded.
  • Cartridge nodes in certain cartridge locations with power capping configured were not throttling correctly for three seconds after a power supply is removed.
System ROM for HP ProLiant m300 Series Server Cartridge (H02) v2014.08.28:
  • Linux DMSG may report an ACPI warning message.
System ROM for HP ProLiant m700 Server Cartridge (A34) v2014.10.02:
  • AN MIF engine issue degraded iLO CM firmware drive information command functionality.
System ROM for HP ProLiant m710 Server Cartridge (H03) v2014.10.09:
  • A POST error caused a halt on reboot when using M.2 boot devices.
  • An error prevented automatic installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server Update 5.
System ROM for HP ProLiant m800 Server Cartridge (U01) v2014.10.01:
  • A rare issue could cause the network controller to stop functioning or report errors.

New support for the following HP Server Cartridges and HP Smart Update Manager v7.1.0
  • HP ProLiant m400 Server Cartridge
iLO Chassis Management Firmware v1.30:
  • Added the Moonshot Web Interface, accessed over HTTPS using the hostname or IP address of the Moonshot chassis.
  • Added User SSH key-based authentication
  • Added SNMP trap support.
  • Added the PING command.
  • Modified the SET CHASSIS POWERCAP MODE command to include support for a new powercap mode (Power Feed Redundancy).
  • Modified the UPDATE FIRMWARE command to flash up to three cartridges at a time.
  • Updated the following command output to include additional information:
    • SHOW NODE INFO - Now includes drive information on supported cartridges 
    • SHOW SWITCH INFO - Now includes uplink module information.
    • SHOW FRU - Now includes uplink module information.
  • Modified the required privilege level of the following commands to allow all users:
HP Moonshot 1500 Chassis Firmware v4.6:
  • Added support for new power capping mode.
HP Moonshot-45-Port/180-Port Switch Module Firmware Image v2.0.0.19:
  • Increased the number of supported ports in a LAG to 256.
  • Added 1G support on 4QSFP+uplink ports.
  • Added CLI command CR4 AUTONEG.
HP ProLiant m300 Cartridge Server ROM (A34) v2014.08.28:
  • Increased storage device information reporting to the iLO CM firmware.
HP ProLiant m710 Cartridge Server ROM (H03) v2014.10.01:
  • Added JSON support for hyperthreading configuration.

For additional information see the HP Moonshot Component Pack Release Notes 


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This page lists all of the supported HP Moonshot Component Pack versions available for download.

Current Versions

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