HP Moonshot Component Pack is a comprehensive firmware solution tested on the HP Moonshot System and delivered as a compressed file. The compressed file includes all the component files needed to update a Moonshot System. Users deploy the firmware updates contained in the Moonshot Component Pack via the iLO Chassis Manager CLI or HP Moonshot-45G/180G Switch Module CLI. This can be accomplished using HP Smart Update Manager, which is included with the files, or manually. Download the latest pack from the HP website (www.hp.com/go/servers/moonshot).

Release Summary:

**IMPORTANT** HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktop Update and HP Moonshot Tools for PowerShell users ONLY:  Do not update the iLO Chassis Management firmware with the version included in Moonshot Component Pack v2014.06.0.  Before updating an HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops system wait until HP Moonshot Tools for PowerShell v1.1.7 (July 2014) releases.  Then update the HP Integrated Lights-Out Chassis Management Firmware included in the Moonshot Component Pack v2014.06.0.

NOTE:  The firmware file for the HP Moonshot 45-Port/180-Port Switch (Switch_FW_45G_180G_2.0.0.14.bin) is included outside of the firmware zip file, and will not be flashed during an HP SUM update.
This firmware version has previously been released via hp.com (25 April 2014).


New support added:

  • HP Smart Update Manager (HP SUM) 6.5.0
iLO Chassis Management Firmware v1.20:
  • Enhanced the SET NODE command to include:
    • CLI option for BIOS Serial Console (BSC)
    • CLI option for CPU speed setting (CPU)
    • Added boot/bootonce selections for M.2 and iSCSI
    • Added optional secondary boot device control
    • Show current BOOTONCE setting in SHOW NODE OPTIONS.  This allows you to determine if there is a BOOTONCE setting pending that would affect the next boot.
  • Added alerting, using Alertmail and Remote Syslog.
  • Increased the maximum number of simultaneous SSH sessions to 45.  NOTE:  A maximum of 10 SSH VSP sessions are supported at a time.
  • Increased the maximum size of CM scripts from 2k to 16k.
  • Added UDP flow control for VSP, increasing the reliability of VSP for those cartridges that support hardware flow control.
  • Added automatic disaster recovery for the iLO CM firmware. The iLO CM firmware now recovers from corrupted flash images caused by power loss during the iLO CM firmware flash process.
  • Added the CLEAR CHASSIS BACKUP command to clear the configuration data from the baseboard.  This is intended for use before replacing the baseboard. Alternatively, SET FACTORY DEFAULT will clear the chassis backup information.
  • Updated the output of the SHOW CARTRIDGE INFO command to include a node count.
  • Modified CONNECT NODE VSP to ignore missing cartridges or inapplicable nodes in the range specified on the command line. This allows the user to specify, for example, a convenient range for multi-node collated VSP without the command failing because a node in the range was not present.
  • Changed the privilege level of many commands from Administrator to Operator to give a wider range of users access to common tasks.
  • Modified the iLO log to record all node power on and off events.
  • Updated System ROM revisions to include the ROM family along with the ROM date.
  • Improved the help for syntax errors. For example, if a command requires a cartridge or node as a target and that is omitted, the missing cartridge or node error is displayed along with the help for the command.

Cartridge Satellite Firmware v2014.05.20:

  • Added end-to-end Virtual Serial Port session flow control for cartridges incorporating the necessary hardware support.  Requires Integrated Lights-Out Chassis Mmanagement Firmware 1.20 or later.
  • Optimize firmware now updates faster
  • Altered session behavior to avoid entering the Alt-SysRq menu at undesired times in Linux console sessions.
HP Moonshot 1500 Chassis Firmware v4.4:
  • Added power supply FRU data validation.
HP Moonshot-180G Switch Module Cartridge Data File v1206.13 and HP Moonshot-45G Switch Module Cartridge Data File v1206.213:

  • Removed the requirement for the force parameter when updating abstraction file.
  • Updated to support the new features of iLO Chassis Manager Firmware v1.20
System ROM for HP ProLiant m700 server cartridge (A34) 2014.05.24: 
  • Updated POST error messages.
  • Added support for enhanced boot options configured through Moonshot iLO CM firmware v1.20.
  • Changed the date and time display to only be visible when Moonshot iLO CM firmware has a valid time.
  • Added Wake On LAN support
  • Optimized PCIe extended configuration space to save memory

Integrated Lights-Out Chassis Management Firmware 1.20:
  • Fixed potential VSP failures when connecting/disconnecting multiple times.
  • Suppressed fan spin up when powering down, removing and reinserting a cartridge
  • Fixed problem with accessing switch VSP after flashing the switch satellite controller.
  • Fixed potential failure in clear log IML <Cx> command if the log was wrapped
  • Fixed IPMI access of boot option settings
  • Fixed problems with IPMI under high activity
  • Fixed IML log entry count in show log IML <start date><end date>
  • Fixed problems and SSH becoming unresponsive
  • Fixed occasional erroneous "Cartridge not installed" status
Cartridge Satellite Firmware 2014.05.20:
  • Resolved conditions that could result in the satellite controller becoming unresponsive to iLO Chassis Management Firmware.
HP Moonshot 1500 Chassis Firmware v4.4:
  • Fixed an issue where chassis power reporting was incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where chassis power was too low when the power supply was removed from slot.
HP Moonshot 1500 Chassis Programmable Logic Device v0B0B:
  • Fixed an issue where the iLO Network internal management switches could lose communication in the presence of unstable AC power.

For additional information see the HP Moonshot Component Pack Release Notes or the HP Moonshot Component Pack Update Guide.
Additional Support Documentation can be found at: HP Moonshot Series Library



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