HP Smart Update Manager is a product which updates firmware and software on HP ProLiant servers, and firmware on HP Integrity servers. HP SUM has a browser-based GUI; as well as a scriptable interface using legacy command line interface, inputfile, and console modes. For more information please see the HP SUM Information Library, www.hp.com/go/hpsum/documentation.

Note: HP SUM versions 6.3.0, 6.2.0, and 6.0.1 have been replaced with HP SUM version 6.3.1 because a potential security vulnerability CVE-2014-0160 has been found. HP SUM versions 6.3.0, 6.2.0, and 6.0.1 include an affected OpenSSL version with the vulnerability known as "Heartbleed" that could be exploited remotely resulting in disclosure of information. For more information on this vulnerability, see the Customer Advisory.

Release Summary:

  • Addressed potential security vulnerability CVE-2014-0160 (also known as “Heartbleed”)
  • Improved Report Content
  • Custom Baselines are created successfully on Linux systems
  • Improved user experience when deploying components using HP SUM via iLO Virtual Media
  • Offline mode hard disk drives firmware updates are being updated immediately
  • HP SUM discovers and updates hard disk drives connected behind any HP H22x Host Bus Adapter on HP ProLiant SL230s Gen8
  • HP SUM will now update the firmware on hard disk drives that are at different firmware versions and share a common firmware component
  • Text-based console and scripting
  • New Node types: iLO Federation – discovers the servers in an iLO Federation Trust group – Technology preview
  • Node groups
  • Sudo/SU credential support for HP-UX

Delivery Options:

  • HP Smart Update Manager ISO -  The HP SUM ISO contains HP SUM and a bootable ISO environment. Firmware and Software components can be added to create a customized baseline.
  • HP Smart Update Manager RPM - The HP SUM RPM is a native package for Linux and is also available on the Linux Software Delivery Repository.
  • HP Smart Update Manager zip -  The HP SUM zip contains the files for running HP SUM on supported Windows and Linux operating systems. The zip file can be found here - HP SUM 6.3.1 zip. NOTE - Linux file permissions for script and binary files must be modified to add execute mode.

NOTE - These downloads do not include software or firmware. Software and/or firmware can be obtained from the HP Service Pack for ProLiant, Integrity Firmware Bundles, or download the latest components from hp.com using HP SUM baseline functionality.


For supported browsers, environments, and hardware, please see the Enterprise Information Library.


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This page lists all of the supported HP Smart Update Manager versions available for download.


Version 6.3.1

Last revised: Tuesday, April 22, 2014