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HP is committed to supporting all customers that install the supported LTS versions of Ubuntu and latest security releases for Canonical.

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Support & Certification Matrices


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Minimum Operating System Requirements Matrices

Minimum Operating System Requirements Matrix includes minimum supported version for each supported HP server. In addition, footnotes are available providing more detailed information.

To access the Minimum Operating System Requirements Matrix click on the links below:

HP will provide support for HP's ProLiant hardware and all HP delivered drivers, firmware, utilities, tools and management software. Canonical will provide support of the operating system, software and in distribution drivers, with the purchase of a Ubuntu Advantage support contract.

Ubuntu Releases

Canonical has committed to scheduled Ubuntu releases on a predictable six-month basis. Every fourth release, issued on a two-year basis, receives long-term support (LTS). LTS releases are typically used for commercial or large-scale deployments and the current version is 14.04. Interim OS releases will not be officially certified by Canonical. Enablement of interim releases will be back-ported, and certified on the next LTS point release (for example 12.04.x/14.04.x).

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Support and certifications listed for the servers above do not necessarily apply to all model configurations.

Please click on the server name in the matrix above to obtain detailed OS requirements.

View the Ubuntu Minimum Operating System Requirements Matrix

For extended support, choose Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is a long-term support release. It has continuous hardware support improvements as well as guaranteed security and support updates until April 2017. For more information about the LTS release click here.

For the latest release, choose the Ubuntu interim release

Ubuntu interim releases, for example Ubuntu 13.04, are supported for 9 months. Interim releases include the newest features for users to test and use. For more information about releases click here.