HP IMC QoS Software

Product overview

HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) Quality of Service Manager (QoSM) Software enhances visibility and control over QoS configurations on network devices and helps administrators focus on QoS service planning and the most economical and effective use of network resources by providing a rich set of QoS device and configuration management functions. HP IMC QoS Manager provides real-time network detection of QoS configurations as it identifies QoS network-wide configurations, enabling unified management of QoS policies. In addition, it allows administrators to organize traffic into different classes based on the configured matching criteria (e.g., IP protocol type) to provide differentiated services. The software provides insight into committed access rate (CAR), generic traffic shaping (GTS), priority marking, queue scheduling, and congestion avoidance, which enables IT staff to more effectively control and allocate network resources.
  • Traffic classification in QoS policy
  • Flexible deployment scheme for QoS policies
  • Broadcast and multicast support
  • Automatic topology discovery
  • Bandwidth-sharing fairness among stations

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Important note

You must have the Enterprise or Standard version of IMC installed prior to installing the QoS module.

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HP IMC QoS Software

Quality of Service (QoS)

  • NEW Powerful QoS equipment management — in combination with the functions provided with the IMC platform, a QoS-enabled device can be added to IMC QoS Manager for managing QoS-specific functions. Support for Cisco devices using IPSLA now available.
  • Automatic discovery of existing QoS services — supplies predefined service identification character base; the QoS configuration on a device is automatically obtained by following the configuration guide and is saved on QoS Manager selectively; the QoS configuration, as a policy that is applied in a direction of the device interface or VLAN, includes the traffic classification, traffic behavior, traffic policy, and policy application
  • Centralized traffic classification — administrators can set traffic classification policy in which the traffic is classified with certain rules, such as the source address, destination address, IP protocol, or the port number of the application; administrators can configure the features such as CAR, GTS, traffic policy, and WRED to control the data stream and reasonably allocate network resources; adding, modifying, deleting, copying, and viewing classification or behavior is available
  • Diversified QoS deployment guide — a traffic policy that is composed of the traffic classification and traffic behavior is bound to a device interface, VLAN, or VPN; users can configure different devices according to a deployment solution; a general QoS configuration and industry-customized QoS configuration guides are provided, such as VoIP service
  • Integration of QoS management and network traffic analysis — administrators can clearly understand a network traffic model on the basis of traffic representation and discover the bandwidth utilization and application traffic use condition of a network interface or VLAN; according to the result of traffic analysis, a QoS policy is formulated across the whole network through the QoS Manager
  • Integration of QoS management and network configuration — the HP IMC platform provides functions such as automatically performing device configuration backups at certain times, comparing the startup configuration with the running configuration of a device, and comparing the history configuration with the current startup or startup configuration of a device; with this component, QoS configurations and others can be standardized and managed uniformly
HP IMC QoS Manager Software Module E-LTU (JF408AAE)
Notes This component can be installed on the same server as the IMC platform. If the SLA module needs to collect a large volume of data, it is recommended to install an SLA collector separately on the secondary server.

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HP Care Packs for HP Networking

HP IMC QoS Manager Software Module E-LTU
  • 3-Year, 9x5 SW phone support, software updates (UV754E)
  • 3-year, 24x7 SW phone support, software updates (UV755E)

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