HP campus and branch routers demonstrate industry leading scalability, services and reliability


The unprecedented load on today’s branch and campus networks from the proliferation of cloud services, rich media, and enterprise applications present a challenge for network designers. These new applications require enterprises to deliver high-performance routing, rich routing capabilities, and fast convergence to support tens of thousands of users connecting across hundreds branch offices.

HP router performance tested by Spirent


HP worked with Spirent to design a large scale enterprise network to emulate the most demanding branch and campus WAN networks. In 2012, Spirent tested the HP 6608 router and MSR50 router in the Spirent Proof of Concept lab in Sunnyvale, California.

The test bed consisted of a Spirent TestCenter, Spirent Avalanche 3100B appliance, and an HP 6608 router.

Spirent validated that the HP 6608 router delivered:

  • Up to 108 million pps forwarding performance
  • 60 Gbps of firewall throughput
  • 24 Gbps of IPsec AES throughput
  • 20,000 GRE tunnels
  • 18,000 L2TP tunnels
  • 6,000 IPsec tunnels
  • 8 million TCP concurrent sessions
  • 320,000 sessions per second
  • Fail-over of the main processing unit (MPU) with no impact detected on end user experience or service quality
  • Fast convergence time of 32.3 milliseconds (BFD IP Fast Re-Route)

In addition, the HP MSR50 Series router delivered high speed routing and services performance. During the testing, the HP MSR50 Series router scaled to 1280 Kpps forwarding with 2 Gbps firewall, NAT, and QoS performance.

HP routers, tested by Spirent, demonstrated industry leading scale, rich services, and fast convergence to enable enterprises to deliver high performance cloud applications, rich media, and enterprise applications to all users regardless of location.

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Monday May 7, 2012

By Sam Rastogi, Global Product Marketing Manager, HP, and Rajesh Rajamani, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Spirent

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HP Branch & Campus Router Performance Tested by Spirent