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Servicing HP Networking Products, Rev 10.31


Servicing HP Networking Products teaches field repair engineers how to troubleshoot basic hardware and software problems that customers report on HP Networking devices included in the ASP (Authorized Service Provider) program. Specifically, you will learn how to use LEDs, CLI commands, and reports to identify common problems. You will then learn how to repair or replace field replaceable units (FRUs) as needed and verify that the new units are operational. Finally, you will learn how to complete basic installation and configuration tasks.

This course focuses on the HP A, E, and V Series networking products; including switches, wireless devices, and routers. This course has a product-centric approach and does not cover network-centric troubleshooting tools and methodology.

Note: This is not a pre-sales course.

At a glance
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Audience This course is designed for field repair engineers who need to perform basic troubleshooting, repair, installation, configuration, and/or verification of operation of HP Networking wired and wireless products. It will be beneficial to new and experienced field engineers who need to become familiar with wired and wireless HP Networking hardware and software.
Benefits During the course, you will:
  • Learn how to install HP wired and wireless networking devices and replace FRUs
  • Explore the different management interfaces available for HP wired and wireless networking devices
  • Learn how to configure HP wired and wireless networking devices
  • Learn how to troubleshoot HP wired and wireless networking devices, with the emphasis on break-fix troubleshooting
Format 9 hours web based training
Certification track APS - Networking [2010]
Exam number HP2-Z12 - Servicing HP Networking Products
Course ID The Learning Center (Partners and end users): 00201835
Prerequisites Recommended
Course datasheet Download course datasheet (PDF: 77 KB)
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