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HP TippingPoint Secure Virtualization Framework (SVF)

Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments

The HP TippingPoint Secure Virtualization Framework (SVF) is designed to provide IT personnel a single consolidated, yet flexible solution for extending the HP TippingPoint N-Series Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), powered by DVLabs Security Threat Intelligence and Research, into the virtualized data center. br />
HP TippingPoint SVF provides purpose-built solutions that are integrated with VMware and designed to enable the HP TippingPoint N-Series IPS to enforce full data center firewall segmentation and IPS inspection between trust zones for physical hosts of trust zones for physical hosts, virtual machines (VMs), and even mobile VMs. SVF also provides network/security teams with real-time visibility and control of virtual environments by:

  • Mapping out virtual/physical network paths
  • Providing configuration of security policies by VM and/or zone
  • Assigning of automatic trust zone for new or un-trusted workloads
  • Automatic security policy configuration for VMs in motion

HP TippingPoint Secure Virtualization Framework provides industry-leading network security solutions for securing physical, virtual and cloud data centers.

Explore HP SVF in detail

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Customer views

Kevin Swanson, lead engineer for enterprise storage for the Roswell Cancer Institute, says his organization has seen reduced costs on everything from the blade enclosure and cabling to the switches and storage. Using Virtual Connect, the Roswell Park Cancer Institute only had to cable once, making any changes flexibly and easily.
"It cuts the number of cables and ports I have. It allows me cloud-like functionality without having to worry about a lot of the intricacies. I can start to think about my storage as capacity rather than individual entities,” I get flexibility I never had before,” says Swanson. Using Virtual Connect, the Roswell Park Cancer Institute only had to cable once, making any changes flexibly and easily."

Kevin Swanson, Lead Engineer for Enterprise Storage, Roswell Cancer Institute

"HP Virtual Connect reduces the switches, cards, and cables we need by 80 percent. Where it really shines is when we need to add or change a server blade. Two hours of setup time have been reduced to two minutes."

Kevin Moniz, Chief Technology Officer, Server Cloud Canada

Network performance

"Network traffic within the enterprise data center will continue to grow during the next two to four years by more than the traditional 30%. These new traffic patterns will appear arbitrary and even chaotic, with fluctuations that can be 90 times higher than the traffic peaks experienced by most data centers today."*

Is your network ready for this new world?

* "Your Data Center Network Is Heading for Traffic Chaos." Gartner, April 27, 2011

Network VM/Security

"Gartner believes that by 2015, 70% of enterprises will allow server workloads of different trust levels to share the same physical hardware within their data centers."*

Do your security policies move with your VMs?

* "The Virtual Switch Will Be the Network Manager's Next Headache." Gartner, April 21, 2011

Network VM Performance

Gartner predicts that by 2016, 80% of server workloads will be virtualized.*

Is your network ready for pervasive virtualization?

* "Virtual Machines Will Slow in the Enterprise, Grow in the Cloud." Gartner, March 2011

Network Management

"According to a survey of CIOs, the No. 1 cause of downtime is configuration changes in complex environments. These changes often slow service provisioning and cause service outages."*

Can you manage your network through a single pane of glass?

*PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)…

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  • »HP CloudSystem – Extend your VMware environment with a complete, integrated and open solution to build and manage private, public and hybrid cloud environments.


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