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Introducing HP

HP Virtual Connect for 3PAR with Flat SAN technology

In virtual and cloud data centers today, up to 80% of the network traffic is server-to-server and server-to-storage. Legacy, multi-tier fibre-channel network architectures require a complex web of network cards, interconnects, cables, and switches in order to keep pace with this changing traffic. This approach creates performance bottlenecks and drives higher costs and complexity to build, maintain and secure at scale.

To address this problem HP announces HP Virtual Connect for 3PAR with Flat SAN technology. The industry's first direct connection to fibre channel-based storage that doesn't require dedicated switches, enabling a simplified architecture with best-in-class storage, servers and network innovations — BladeSystem, Virtual Connect and 3PAR.

Customer benefits include:

  • Single layer Fibre Channel storage network - Eliminate SAN switches and HBAs
  • Massive simplification of your fabric management
  • 2.5x faster Fibre Channel storage provisioning
  • Automated zoning capabilities to set up zones with one-click vs. hours
  • Up to 55% less latency by removing SAN fabric layer