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HP Virtual Application Networks

Legacy networks have not kept pace with change and are unable to support the new demands of Cloud networks.

HP Virtual Application Networks are a new way of thinking about IT application and service delivery, and are based on three guiding principles:

  • Characterize the application to create consistency, reliability & repeatability across the entire network infrastructure
  • Virtualize & program the infrastructure to create multitenant, on-demand, topology & device-independent provisioning
  • Orchestrate based on templates, including user SLA and policy, to enable dynamic application delivery

HP Virtual Application Networks separates the provisioning of applications on the network from the management of the physical infrastructure. That gives IT the freedom to focus on connecting users to applications-and the subsequent quality of experience-rather than the details of configuring network devices.

HP Virtual Application Networks are built on HP's FlexNetwork architecture, part of HP's proven Converged Infrastructure and Converged Cloud, and reduce the time to deploy cloud applications from months to minutes.

The result is an application-aware, agile, and automated network that delivers a clear and achievable path to the cloud.

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