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Introducing HP

HP Vertica 6

HP is announcing Vertica 6, the latest version of the company’s next-generation analytics platform software. As part of the new release, Vertica is offering the following enhancements to the Vertica Analytics Platform:

  • Vertica FlexStoreTMArchitecture — With Vertica 6, the company is enhancing its FlexStore Architecture to provide access to any data, stored at any location, via any interface. With Vertica 6, HP provides a comprehensive architecture to handle the requirements of Big Data — open, extensible, and flexible. Includes improved support for Cloud/SaaS environments
  • User Defined Functions in R — Build rich analytics functions written in R and deploy them on the Vertica platform. Developers can create custom R language functions of their own, or leverage the thousands of contributed packages from CRAN. R functions are automatically distributed and executed in parallel across your selected window of data. Delivers faster, more complete analytics in a popular advanced analytics programming language.

Main customer benefits include:

  • Fastest, most robust Parallel R, in-database solution — scalable advanced analytics and faster predictive analytics.
  • Serves as the single 'analytics hub' for all enterprise data - faster loading & querying of data from a number of disparate sources.
  • New features enable Vertica SaaS and Cloud — private beta of Vertica on HP Cloud.

With HP Vertica 6 you can enable new business models based on turning the mountain of "Big Data" into actionable insights that help users monetize all their data.