HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers

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Transforming the server experience

Powered by the HP ProActive Insight architecture, ProLiant Gen8 servers continuously analyze thousands of system parameters to optimize application performance, proactively improve uptime, and give you insight into every aspect of your IT infrastructure.

Built with over 150 design innovations, ProLiant Gen8 servers help you eliminate common problems that can cause failures, downtime and data loss.

Innovations include:

Integrated Lifecycle Automation

Servers so intelligent they help eliminate your tedious tasks.

In today's data centers, your life is harder than it should be. Too often, your workday is a steady stream of error alerts, system events, installation and update issues, and calls to support desks.

To respond, your IT team needs intelligent servers that eliminate tedious, time-consuming tasks. That's the new HP ProLiant family with the HP ProActive Insight architecture. This architecture, embedded inside each next-generation ProLiant server, gives you deep insight into your IT environment and a rich set of capabilities that automate and simplify system provisioning, troubleshooting, and software updates.

  • HP Intelligent Provisioning: Everything you need is built-in for painless system setup and deployment.
  • HP Active Health: Your 24/7 mission control for automated monitoring, diagnostics, and alerting.
  • HP Smart Update: Schedule, stage and deploy updates across 100's of servers with a click.

Dynamic Workload Acceleration

Servers so intelligent they turbo-charge application performance.

Storage is the top performance bottlenecks in your virtualized and data-intensive workloads.

By converging server and storage together and optimizing for solid state performance, ProLiant Gen8 servers get rid of the bottlenecks and accelerate your most demanding apps.

  • Solid state optimized: 100x faster storage performance.
  • Smart data protection: Confidently protect your data and help ensure uptime.
  • Smart data services: Enable real-time application tuning and acceleration.

Automated Energy Optimization

Servers and infrastructure so intelligent they maximize the use of space, power, and cooling.

As data centers grow, power and cooling costs grab an ever-larger piece of the IT budget.

The automated energy optimization capabilities in the new ProLiant family are enabled by HP 3D Sea of Sensor technologies. With embedded intelligence across three dimensions: sense of location, power utilization and thermal demand, clients gain a unique level of visibility and control over their data center energy efficiency.

  • HP Location Discovery Services: Enable energy-aware workload placement and automate asset management.
  • HP Thermal Discovery Services: Reduce energy usage and increase compute capacity.
  • HP Power Discovery Services: Eliminate power configuration errors and precisely track power usage by rack and server.

ProActive Insight Experience

Servers so intelligent they redefine the server experience.

In today's data centers, too much of your time is lost on IT support issues. When a system goes down and a service call begins, you might spend hours digging through spreadsheets and log files to find and communicate dozens of pieces of data to a support desk.

Taking advantage of the rich insight collected by the HP ProActive Insight architecture, the ProLiant Gen8 helps you proactively resolve issues, accelerate problem resolution, and gain valuable insights into your data center operations.

  • HP Insight Online: Experience the industry's first cloud-based IT management and support portal.
  • Proactive services: Improve uptime and performance with innovative new services based on the HP ProActive Insight architecture.
  • HP ServiceONE advantage: Leverage local expertise backed by HP's global resources.

System Architecture and Design

Servers so intuitive because they were designed for the way you work.

From the moment your first HP ProLiant Gen8 server emerges from the box, you will feel, see, and sense the built-in quality. Guided by our "Client-2-Innovation" design philosophy, HP engineers and developers created more than 150 innovations that help you get tasks done simply, reliably, and with confidence. These next-generation servers were designed for the way you work.

Clients who have trusted ProLiant servers for years will be instantly familiar with the consistent experience and yet appreciative of the attention to detail of the new features and design. Taken together, the sweeping architecture and design innovations in the new ProLiant family will help your IT team increase productivity, improve server and application uptime, and drive higher levels of system performance.

  • Designed-in quality: Virtually eliminate common problems that cause downtime and data loss.
  • Hassle-free serviceability: Increase your productivity and confidence during setup, upgrade, and repair.
  • Intuitive simplicity: Reduce errors and improve productivity with an intuitive, efficient user experience.

ProActive Insight Architecture Alliance

ProActive Insight architecture is more than a design or even a transforming design philosophy. It's also the alignment of over 900 patents, over 150 customer innovations and an alliance of the world's top technology provider allied to transform the server experience.

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